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We are a global technology and business solutions provider specializing in IT/ITES solutions and consulting services, with global market presence in North America, Africa, Middle East and South Asia. We are a part of the Vijayawada, India based Radha Madhav Group, with businesses in Automotive, Healthcare, Rubber plantations, Civil Constructions, IT/ITES and Consulting.

We help our clients gain competitive advantage in their respective markets with innovative solutions using emerging technologies, world class processes and an efficient delivery engine. To consistently add value, we ensure that our solutions meet strictest quality standards of security compliance, stability and scalability.

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 PGS :: IT Services


Web Design ,
Mobile Apps

Information Technology has become the need of the hour due to increasing infrastructure costs, speed of business integration, scalability, flexibility and operational.... Read more

PGS :: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


The key objective is to promote brands, build preference, engage with customers and increase sales for the targeted, measurable, interactive marketing of products or services to reach and convert leads into customers .... Read more

BPO ,Professional Training


BPO , DM Training

Voice Services: In today's ever-changing world, you need a call centre partner who is equipped to provide you with the expertise, the personnel and the solutions to handle your most important call centre needs.... Read more

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

PRANAV is a highly experienced, client-centric IT and ITES services firm. We specialize in quality, custom solutions designed to take clients to the next level, maximize their performance and achieve key business initiatives... Read more